mardi 27 octobre 2009

Dodgem Logic

... Le magazine Mustard (dont je viens de recevoir le numéro consacré en grande partie à Alan Moore) a réalisé un entretien avec ce dernier au sujet du magazine qu'il va lancer Dodgem Logic :

Okay, first question: what does the title Dodgem Logic mean?

I first used the name Dodgem Logic on a fanzine that I attempted to do back in 1975, when I was in my early 20s. To be honest it doesn’t really mean anything specific, it’s just suggestive of what we’re going for. On the first issue we’ve used the tagline ‘colliding ideas to see what happens’, which is as much of an agenda as you’re going to get from us. It’s the idea that, if we just connect all these various diverse people and enterprises that we’re in touch with, then there might be something quite lovely and extraordinary come out of the interaction.

We want to provide something that is going to illuminate the rather dismal times that we are currently going through – and which I tend to suspect will be getting a lot worse – as well as giving people some practical information. Whether that’s under the rubric of our recipe pages, DIY clothing pages, articles on squatting or the more political articles. To keep people informed in a way the conventional media doesn’t do anymore.

Pour lire l'entretien c'est ici.

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